Twit – Therapy Tales #409


Twitter is a marvellous place. I’m falling back in love with it after a short absence of working-on-other-things. There are lots of lovely clever, charming, intelligent people on there. There are also lots of lovely therapists who don’t mind me poking fun at their vocations in cartoon form. What I don’t quite understand however is the need for some people – and this includes all sorts of professionals including cartoonists! – to write their Twitter profiles as if they have their own PR department.

If it’s how you talk about yourself on a day-to-day basis then that’s fair enough, but I’d suggest you seek some help to deal with your epic narcissism.

Said the cartoonist, wryly.


ps. I tweeted this the other day.. it was surprisingly popular.. I’m thinking of making a cartoon out of it :)


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  1. Do the cartoon. Do it, do it.

  2. Speaking of the book …ummm, what’s the status?! i.e. if there is one to report :) — please no pressure at all ….just hit me at some point that its been a while & even wondered if I had missed the publishing …. As I write this comment, my all time favorite post: Feathers, comes to mind … so I’ll shut up!

    • Howdy! It’s written and layed out in InDesign. I just need to rewrite a couple of sections and work out how to use Amazon. However, I have a gallery show that I’m working on for “the real world” at the moment so I’ll probably finish and submit the book in November.
      I’ve also realised that I can only get about 80 cartoons into the book before the price-per-page makes it too expensive.. there may be volumes… :D

  3. reminds me of the question I ask my clients “What is it you would like to know about me?”

  1. Link Love 3 - Kat Love

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