Fixed – Therapy Tales #407


Yet another from my current readings on Gestalt therapy, following on from the last cartoon.

In case you’re not familiar, there’s a rather nice passage on Wikipedia:

“From the perspective of this theory of self, neurosis can be seen as fixed predictability – a fixed Gestalt – and the process of therapy can be seen as facilitating the client to become unpredictable – more responsive to what is in the client’s present environment, rather than responding in a stuck way to past introjects or other learning. If the therapist has expectations of how the client should end up, this defeats the aim of therapy.”

The vase-looking object in this cartoon is based on a well known gestalt picture (the Rubin Vase to be precise), relating to the perceptual field, and specifically figure-ground perception.

Basically, you can only see one or the other at any one time. Trying to see both at once can melt your brain*.

Kind of like therapy.

So this is, as so often, a mashup of two theoretical concepts within the same field (see what I did there) shamelessly justaposed in the interests of cartooning humour.

That is all.

*not really.


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