Cushy – Therapy Tales #406


So apparently Gestalt therapy is not all empty chairs and cushion destruction, according to my current reading. Who’d have thunk. Still, you can’t beat a good stereotype for producing vast amounts of cartoons.

I’m back on the psychology-consumption bandwagon, having taken a huge amount of time off to deal with The Real World. I’ve also been upping the drawing skills with a number of new projects including a kind of single panel journal comic and learning to draw interesting and memorable notes from lectures and conferences.

And yes.. the book is still progressing.. sloooowly. :)


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  1. See, what a cat can do for our therapy. Love it.

  2. That is too funny…..I can totally see my own cat doing that….she’s a little “touched”

  3. That cat… looks kind of silver. A silver cat. Doing gestalt therapy.

    All I’m saying is, I’m watching you. ;)

    • yes he is rather… and maybe that was deliberate.. all I’m saying ;)

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