Guest Blogger – Simon Stafford-Townsend

Today’s guest comic is from the delightful Simon Stafford-Townsend, Gestalt Therapist in one of my favourite cities and author of the always mind-blowing blog Le chat d’argent.

Thanks Simon!



When I was training, gestalt big cheese Malcolm Parlett was a guest trainer for a module on the history & philosophical roots of gestalt therapy. He said that one effect of Perls’… forthrightness, was that his clients often lost their shit with him and terminated therapy. However, such was his insight, many of these people realised, years later, that he’d had a point.

Now, thankfully my own therapist didn’t hit me in the face with his insights. However, every now and then an echo from my therapy bubbles up in response to what’s going on in my life now. Something that, at the time, didn’t seem relevant to anything. This is the lesser appreciated long-term benefit of therapy; the creation of a time capsule full of therapy memories, many of which are just waiting for the right time to jump up and go, “aha! Do you see it now?”.

At the time though, it’s all just, “blah blah blah” and, “whatevs!”.


If you have an amusing or irreverent something to share on mental health, psychology, philosophy or therapeutic subjects and would like to be featured on the Wednesday Guest Blogger spot then drop me a line at caroll.lewis.wg[at]gmail[dot]com.



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  1. You’re welcome! Thanks for the guest slot. :)

  1. Time-capsule: my contribution to Therapy Tales. | le chat d'argent

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