Recourse – Therapy Tales #404


I should have done a joke about “fail” give that this post is a ‘404’. So I guess this is a kind of fail….

I have recently been encountering (in what we laughingly refer to as “the real world”) a number of people who think that therapy is something utilised by the terminally sad (in all senses) or the utterly mental. Their ignorance and superficial approach to their own existence makes me very sad for both them and the world in general. Plus, in true internet stylie, I want to tell them to STFU.

I was going to call this one “last resort” but that’s not right – therapy should be a recourse; something to turn to whenever you want to without judgement from anyone. Well, give or take tiny issues like time, money and availability.

This post is a follow on from something I drew elsewhere earlier this morning about the myriad ways in which we can judge ourselves based on others’ responses, opinions or just things we imagine them to think/feel. All good stuff to be worked out in conversation, be that a glass of vino with friends, or a couple of hours on the couch.

In the meantime, I vote we leave each other TF alone and get on with being a bit nicer to ourselves.

That is all.



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  1. WG,
    Thanks this was rather timely for me, that’s for the affirmation. :) ~ AG

  2. Need to proof before hitting post, that’s = thanks :)


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