Sale – Therapy Tales #391


(ooh yes.. animation!)

Based on the number of shrink marketing websites and adverts flying around (“Get more clients in 2013″) I can guess what y’all are getting for Christmas. One would humbly suggest that an equal amount of effort is spent in working out how to help the people who come knocking.

For human-focused marketing, shrinkies should check out Linda Esposito, whose articles always make me smile. I particularly like the articles for noobie shrinks which are often along the lines of “how to not screw people up or drive yourself insane”. Rocking. :)

And if you’re thinking of starting your own therapy this year, there’s none better for general insight and wonderment than the lovely Martha.

Other shrinky links and resources continue to be sporadically updated on this other WG blog.

Merry New Year to you all.


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