Emotion – Therapy Tales #388


What better way to answer that question? Certainly beats “Idunno”.

Next time this question comes up, just reach for Plutchik’s wheel of emotion and spin spin spin!

Have a good week y’all. Be brave in the face of December madness and imminent holidays from all things therapeutic.

Also, with not many weeks left, be sure to get your TT goodies in time for the 25th as Cafepress takes a while to print and ship. This year’s most popular items so far, for inspirational purposes:

The 50 minute hour clock.

Baaartleby t-shirts.

Maslow mug.

Sisyphus journal.

What Would Freud Do? mousemat.

Transference mug.

Therapy Land maps.

TT Christmas Cards.

Tons more in the shop.


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