Christmas update


Firstly yes there has been some progress on book preparation but due to the vagueries and necessities of Real Life, my lack of online presence is reflective of the amount of time I’ve had to work on such projects. (sniff.)

So, no book before Christmas I’m afraid! Having said that, there’s a filthy rumour going around that I’m getting some time off from the Day Job over Christmas so it might end up being a New Year book!

Nevertheless, I have been keeping an eye on Twitter and after a couple of requests to sort out the store for Christmas, including some Christmas cards I thought I’d better put in an appearance! Please feel free to check out Cafepress and holler at me if you can’t find anything you are after. Bear in mind that CP can take a few weeks to make and ship the merchandise, so don’t leave it til the last minute or you risk disappointment!!

So here are the Christmas cards.

And as always, there are the usual suspects:


Any requests for specific strips or combinations of image/product, drop them in an electronic postcard to caroll.lewis.wg[at] and I’ll get them sorted and in the store asap.

The main store homepage is

The cartoon archive can be found here.

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