Love seat – Therapy Tales #175

Yes, these things *really* exist… no, I have never seen one in a shrink’s office.. but nothing would surprise me :)


Map of Therapy Land



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  1. Love it! It’s the Rocky Horror Therapy Show! :D

    I think I need to sit on the lipstick seat and be seen by Dr. Frank N. Furter. “I’ll put up no resistance. I want to stay the distance.” ;P

    • Dammit Janet!!
      That’s it Clayton – I’m going to do an entire Rocky Horror hommage strip :)
      **runs off to get the red pens**

  2. “If only we were amongst friends… or sane persons!” :D

    Hot patootie, bless my soul and happy 175th comic strip, dammit!

  3. woo hoo! A Dali reference! Lovely!

  4. From someone awesome on Twitter

    @fpinternational RT @TherapyTales: Love seat – Therapy Tales #175 >> 175!! maybe the shrink is a Rolling Stones fan :-)

  5. More Twitter:
    Mmmmm. I see. Shrink sexual fantasy, eh? RT @TherapyTales Love seat – Therapy Tales #175 >> 175!!

  6. Splinteredones

     /  February 23, 2011

    I just love the therapist. Keeps you guessing, ya know? SinisterT. A new cartoon Hero!

  7. Def Dali rather than Rolling Stones –

    I flew all the way to Figueres to see it (only slightly a Dali obsessive),


    • Much more of a Magritte an myself… But I’ll happily melt some clocks for you in future episodes.. :)
      One of many options for ‘creation of appropriate therapeutic environment’

  8. Maybe that’s what’s underneath the throw on my therapist’s couch?

  9. I was at a fabric store with my housemate and saw a bolt of upholstery fabric with a spirals design – honest-to-goodness hypnotic-style spirals. I pointed it out to her and jokingly said I was going to use it for the couch in my future hypnotherapy practice. ;-)

  10. Mommasita

     /  February 23, 2011

    Eeek! I fear it was selected by the decorator for the therapist– the therapist who hired a former client as his decorator…

  11. Haha, at my Wednesday school this sofa is in the reseption xD
    It’s made out of plastic and not very comfy, but it looks good :)

  12. mentallygoingbackwards

     /  February 28, 2011

    thats like the childrens chairs we have in our dentist waiting rooms they are big massive plastic teeth.

  13. MadamedeMerteuil

     /  March 8, 2011

    Given Freud and Dali’s interest in meeting up, you cannot get a more appropriate artefact for a therapist. If my shrink had one of those, I’d feel more enthusiastic about going to therapy. And my enthusiasm would increase further if said therapist was to grow a Dali moustache, have a TV set sitting upside down, quote Mae West and play Amanda Lear in the background.

  14. AHAHAHAHA…. we had that couch in my old work office. seriously.


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